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Sarpanch's Husband Nearly Gives Shock to Ruling Party MLA!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   2 Aug 2022 7:24 AM GMT
Sarpanchs Husband Nearly Gives Shock to Ruling Party MLA!
Luck shined on the ruling party MLA side or else the legislator would have suffered an attack from a person who wanted to attack the legislator. Not happy with the MLA for reportedly suspending his wife from her post, her husband decided to attack the legislator and reportedly hatched a plan. Thankfully, he was arrested by the cops before the attack.

Going into detail, the shocking news was reported from Telangana. Armoor MLA Jeevan Reddy reportedly suspended one Lavanya, who works as a sarpanch of Kalleda village in Makloor Mandal. This made her husband Prasad Gowd furious at the MLA as he could not digest the news of his wife's suspension.

As the person is believed to have a grudge against the MLA of the Armoor Assembly constituency, he hatched a plan and he roamed near the MLA's house. It would have been a disaster if not for the staff of the MLA spotting something fishy with the man who is making rounds around the house.

Without making any mistake or delay, the staff of the MLA called the local police in Banjara Hills and filed a complaint. The cops reached the spot and arrested the person. The cops also had a few doubts about the person and searched him. As a big shock, the person was carrying a knife and pistol with him. After seizing the weapons, he was taken to the police station.

Following the procedure, the cops filed a case and the investigation is underway. Now the cops are believed to have a few questions about the weapons, the suspect was carrying. They are reportedly probing the issue from the weapons point of view and from where the suspect might have got the pistol.

The chances of the suspect having a gun license are very thin and it is believed that the suspect might have purchased the weapon. We might get new information after the investigation officers will dig out more info.

The Sarpanch's angry husband nearly gave a big shock to the MLA by planning an attack. The MLA is fortunate enough that the suspect was arrested before he implement his plan.