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September 17: BJP, TRS in competition for looting vote banks

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   17 Sep 2022 6:02 AM GMT
September 17: BJP, TRS in competition for looting vote banks
Netizens and social media users across Telangana in particular and Telugu-speaking people across the globe in general have shown great interest in browsing about Hyderabad liberation day. The Telugu netizens are searching for keywords such as Hyderabad state, nizam, razakar, September 17 and Hyderabad liberation. This is mainly because the BJP has raked up the issue of Hyderabad's integration with India way back in 1948.

That the BJP has done this with an eye on the Munugode bypoll and the upcoming 2023 elections is clear. Though it has been 75 years since Hyderabad was liberated no public programme was ever organized. This is the first time such an official programme is being organized. In the last eight years that it is in power, the BJP did not think of such programmes. Clearly, many see a clear political agenda in all this.

At the same time, the TRS too jumped the bandwagon and is organizing programmes in competition with the BJP. The hot topic of discussion among the youth of Telangana today is about the politics behind the programme. It is clear that both the parties are doing this only for votes. The BJP wants to consolidate the Hindu votes, while the TRS wants to prevent this.

Meanwhile, there is animated and heated debate over whether September 17 represents accession to India or liberation to the Hindus. Left-oriented people are calling it a betrayal as they see this as a lost opportunity to form a Communist government in Telangana. Overall, the BJP and the TRS have competitively begun celebrating the programme for political purposes.

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