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Should Indian Politicians Learn From Portugal health minister?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   1 Sep 2022 11:21 AM GMT
Should Indian Politicians Learn From Portugal health minister?
The whole world is now talking about Portugal's Health Minister Marta Temido after her shocking decision. Taking the moral responsibility for the life lost after a tourist reportedly breathed the last breath due to the rules existing there. Everyone is talking great about her in this regard.

Going into detail, an Indian tourist reportedly passed away during the process of shifting her from one hospital to the other. The victim is pregnant and the medical authorities shifting her between the hospital facilities made her suffer a heart attack. She passed away in the process.

The issue became a big controversy and many concerns were raised. Portugal's Health Minister Marta Temido decided to step down from her position taking responsibility. The government approved the decision. Marta Temido said that she left the position and there are no clauses involved.

Without any doubt, Portugal's Health Minister Marta Temido set an example of how a Health Minister should be. Taking responsibility for such things is very rare and we barely see that from a politician across the globe.

Indian politicians should learn from her on how to be a good legislator. In many instances, such things happened and many people lost their lives. Whenever any patient loses his/her life, the Ministers or the government simply announce compensation and say that the government will help the kin of the deceased.

In the recent past too, we read news about how patients lost their lives due to the negligence of the medical staff or other reasons. But no Minister stepped down from the position. They simply announce the ex-gratia and support to the family members of the deceased.

Moreover, Marta Temido left her mark and gave her best in controlling the situation in the nation when the Covid hit the nation. She made sure that everyone gets vaccinated and that Covid patients will get good treatment so that the virus won't get spread further.

Despite doing all this, the Health Minister stepped down. While doing so, she said that she is feeling bad about what had happened, and with that, she took this call. This is what Indian leaders should learn from her.

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