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Survivors Of Plane Crash Four Kids Found By Army!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   10 Jun 2023 11:07 AM GMT
Survivors Of Plane Crash Four Kids Found By Army!
The Amazon forest is not just one of the most dense forests in the world, but also a deadly one. It is home to many venomous snakes and experts say that it is almost next to impossible to come out of the forest safely if trapped. The forest is so dense that even people from helicopters cannot clearly see what is down.

But four kids stunned the world as they survived in the Amazon forest for as many as 40 days. The four kids were traveling in a helicopter along with their mother. Things went upside down and the plane met with a deadly crash. Mother, pilot, and one more person breathed their last in this.

This happened in South America's Colombia. A family was traveling in a helicopter over the Amazon Jungle on the 1st of last month. Suddenly the plane lost control and crashed. Seeing that the kids are missing, the Army swung into action and launched a search hunt.

Their hard work in searching in the dense forest gave a positive outcome and four kids who were siblings were found alive. The Colombia Army which has been searching for the kids announced that the kids are found alive and they are doing fine now. The siblings survived weeks together in the deadly plane crash.

The mishap happened with a Cessna 206 aircraft that was carrying four children and their mother. The plane was on its way to San Jose del Guaviare from Araracuara, in Amazonas province. Unfortunately, the plane's engine failed mid-way and crashed. The Army became alert to this and searched for the plane.

After finding three dead bodies, the Army reportedly found a few items used by kids and the personnel got an idea that there might be kids in the plane who are missing and launched a massive search hunt. Their efforts paid off.

Breaking the news of finding the four children, the President of Colombia Gustavo Petro said that it is a magical day that the four kids are found and that what the kids did will be remembered in history as an example of total survival.