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US Breaks 15-Year-old Record In Granting Citizenships!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   5 Jan 2023 7:26 AM GMT
US Breaks 15-Year-old Record In Granting Citizenships!
America is the land of opportunities and everyone wants to go there for better opportunities. Compared to education, people go there for more employment opportunities. The space for hard-working employees also makes the United States the most preferred location for many across the globe.

Many immigrants see America as the final destination as they prefer staying there for the rest of their life. Children will get a good education and they will get wide exposure to various aspects. Compared to other nations immigrants prefer America due to various reasons.

The data issued by the concerned authorities tell the craze people have for America. In 2022 alone around 1 million immigrants were given citizenship. The numbers are huge and they are the highest in the past one and a half decades.

The concerned department said that last year around one million people who came to America as immigrants were given citizenship. These immigrants have their roots in Cuba, the Philippines, India, Mexico the Dominican Republic, and other nations. The US administration granted the highest number of citizenships in the recent past.

This shows the tough task the concerned authorities had in the process. When the Covid pandemic hit us everything came to a standstill and the Visa process was also halted. The process was resumed recently and the pending applications piled up at the department.

But the authorities gave citizenship after the process. As per the media reports, 673,000 applications are believed to have been pending with the concerned authorities. One million among the flood of applications were cleared.

There is a procedure to get citizenship. After staying there for a certain number of years one has to apply for citizenship and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will look into the applications and grant citizenship after an interview.

While this is one side. The growing attacks and assaults on immigrants are worrying and this has to be addressed. We are hearing stories about the attacks at regular intervals and if this is not addressed then, immigrants might prefer other countries. The immigrants are in good numbers in America and this is a big concern for them.