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US Populous City To Have Public Holiday on Diwali From 2023!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   22 Oct 2022 6:09 AM GMT
US Populous City To Have Public Holiday on Diwali From 2023!
The festival of lights Diwali is one of the big festivals for Hindus and those who celebrate the festival. With different names, the festival is celebrated in various parts of the world. Ahead of the Diwali festival, New York City came up with a piece of good news.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said that Diwali will be a public school holiday in the city from next academic year and called this a long overdue step. This will help the Indians living in the city in celebrating the festival without taking any holidays.

It is known that Indians live in big numbers in the United States and the community enjoys one of the biggest populations among Asians. Given the contributions the community is making, the United States Administration is giving good positions to Indian-origin people.

The Joe Biden administration already has Indians in a good position. Vice President Kamala Harris is an Indian-origin person and her mother is from Tamil Nadu.

Earlier, the US state of Virginia declared October as Hindu Heritage Month. By doing so, it became the first state to declare a Hindu heritage month. Now the New York City Mayor announced Diwali as a public holiday that would come into effect from next academic year.

The bill to declare Diwali a public holiday was tabled in the house by New York State Representative Jenifer Rajkumar. After tabling the bill, she said that South Asians and Indians make valuable contributions to the nation and declaring Diwali a holiday is a token of recognising their traditions and customs.

The Indian-American community has been making a few demands for the US administration of their festival and tradition getting recognized. Having a holiday on Diwali is one of them. It is good to hear that the United States administration acknowledged the demand and announced a public holiday.

This will work in two ways. One is that the Indian community and people who follow Indian traditions would feel happy about their traditions getting recognized. The second one is that people from other communities and faiths would get a chance to know more about Diwali and other prominent festivals.

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