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War Leaves Blood of Children on Russian President’s Hands!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   11 Jun 2022 11:37 AM GMT
War Leaves Blood of Children on Russian President’s Hands!
Huge loss, a pile of dead bodies, havoc, and atrocities on women, these aspects sum up the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, which has been going on for over three and a half months. Many women who did not reveal their names said that the invading Russian forces sexually assaulted them after attacking the premises.

Not just women, but even children had to face the atrocities that come with the war. Reports say that not less than 287 children have passed away since the war started while around double the number of children sustained injuries in the ongoing attacks as the Russian army is aggressively going forward in the war.

As the Russian Army forces are trying to capture the cities and monuments, it is doing attacks and firing bullets at those who appear before them. No matter who is in front of them, they have to face the heat. Earlier we heard stories about how students from other nations like India lost their lives in the gun firing between Russia and Ukraine forces.

What’s even more spine-chilling is that the media reports said the numbers quoted in deaths in children are not final and the numbers might go further up once the records are verified and the severely injured children's treatment gets over.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is behind the war who wants to settle scores on issues that have been going on since Russia and Ukraine got separated when the Soviet military was creating havoc. Back in 2014, Russian forces invaded Ukraine and added the Crimean Peninsula to its name. Now the Russian President has the blood of children on his hands.