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Where Is The Guarantee For Chandrababu's Promises?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   29 May 2023 11:55 AM GMT
Where Is The Guarantee For Chandrababus Promises?
Winning the next elections is a must for the Telugu Desam Party and the party is not leaving any stone unturned for the same. Nara Lokesh is busy with the padayatra Yuvagulam. TDP's annual event Mahanadu saw party chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu announcing massive freebies and promises covering almost every section.

The party announced three cylinders for every family and promised lakhs of jobs for the youth. Unemployed youth will be given Rs 3,000 every month as an allowance. Farmers will be given financial assistance and mothers will also be given Rs 15,000 annually. Free drinking water was also announced.

Looking at the promises, many get doubt of what is the assurance of the promises the former Chief Minister announced. Announcing massive promises is not new for Chandrababu and he also doesn't have a good track record in fulfilling the promises he made before the elections.

TDP went for similar promises before the 2014 elections. But the reality is that only a mere 5 percent of promises were fulfilled. Pensioners were given the amount just two months before the elections and the flagship Pasupu Kunkuma scheme was also implemented ahead of the elections. As a result, the grand old party lost the elections cheaply.

It is known that Andhra Pradesh has a deficit budget with the state bifurcation. On top of this, the debts taken by the government pushed the state economy into further crisis. No one can assure that the economy can come out of the huge debts and start seeing a surplus budget.

Talking about the current government led by YSRCP, it is spending a large share of the amount for implementing welfare schemes. A few experts already warned that if the schemes are not stopped, then it would not take much time for the state to turn into another Sri Lanka. But the ruling party is not focusing on the aspect and battling a blind ear for this.

Ironically, Telugu Desam Party also slammed the YCP for taking over debts and putting pressure on the economy. Surprisingly, the TDP is also doing the same and announcing promises. There is no answer to the question of where the TDP would get money to fund these schemes if it is elected to power. Even the party has no answer for this.

The previous government took heavy debts during its tenure and the same government is also doing the same. As a result, the state is in a situation where even the roads are also not developed. Amid this, TDP announced massive promises. People in Andhra Pradesh are concerned about their future as the situation would be the same no matter which party comes to power.