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Why did KCR not attack Modi, Shah in his latest speeches?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 Dec 2022 4:16 AM GMT
Why did KCR not attack Modi, Shah in his latest speeches?
Time was when even political rivals and enemies eagerly waited for TRS boss KCR's speeches. Peppered with punchlines and powerful dialogues, his speeches were known for the vitriolic attacks on adversaries. The crowds simply loved his comments and criticism. His oratory was one reason why KCR was immensely liked. But that seems to be a thing of the past these days.

These days, the general perception is that his speeches have become tame and insipid. Gone are the power-packed punchlines. There seems to be no attack whatsoever on the BJP and its key leaders – Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. The case in point are the two recent public speeches that KCR has given.

In his speech at Palamuru and also at Jagtial, the spunk and verve in his oration have gone missing. The punchlines were totally absent. He did not even name Modi and Shah in his hour-long speech at both the places. Earlier his speeches were peppered with virulent attacks on both the top honchos of the party. He only attacked the Central government's policies and not the PM and the union home minister.

Political observers feel that KCR has been bitten by the bug of fear and hesitance. He is bogged down by the incessant raids on two of his popular and powerful ministers – Malla Reddy and Gangula Kamalakar. Sources say that there could be more such raids on a few more ministers. This has made the TRS rank and file cagey and defensive.

To add to the woes, the reported involvement of his daughter Kavitha Kalwakuntla too must be proving to be a dampener. KCR has realized that the usual bluster and rhetoric does not work and that Kavitha could even be arrested in the Delhi liquor scam. After a show of defiance, Kavitha fell in line and said she would join the interrogation by the Central agencies probing the liquor scam. All these may have pushed KCR into a corner and if observers are to be believed, they may have mellowed him down.