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Will Russia remain calm on Ukraine's Historic Moment?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   1 March 2022 7:06 AM GMT
Will Russia remain calm on Ukraines Historic Moment?
War-hit Ukraine is making sure that it gives a fitting reply to the invading Russian Army forces. So far, the Ukrainian forces have successfully killed thousands of soldiers and several army vehicles have been destroyed by the Ukrainian troops. A few Russian soldiers have also surrendered to Ukraine.

With the European Union nations being against Russia and condemning the aggressive nature of Russia, Ukraine had called for the demand that Ukraine should be given EU membership. Hours after making the demand, the application for the same was signed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The officials in Ukraine and the nations that are supporting Ukraine in the crisis time are happy with the historic decision taken by the war-hit nation, for the reason that the European nation needs this on an immediate basis given the situation it is dealing with right now.

On the other hand, experts believe that the decision taken by Ukraine might be costly as it might make Russia even angry at it. Since Russia had started a war against Ukraine, the EU nations are not happy with the nation and have been urging the nation to take a back step.

With Russia not changing its mind, the nations are imposing new restrictions on the nation. The Superpower nation, the United States had led the West to talk on Russia. As its part, the United States announced few economic restrictions on Russia.

Taking the cue from the United States, other nations like Belgium, Finland, and Canada have closed the airbase, making it tough for Russia.

Citing all these reasons, experts say that Russia might increase its anger towards Ukraine. We have to wait and see how Russia will react to the historic development.

On the other hand, the war waged by Russia against Ukraine had reached the sixth day. The Ukrainian army troops had an upper hand and successfully confronted the bulldozing Russian troops.

However, the Russian troops also had a laugh by destroying the world’s biggest cargo plane owned by Ukraine. Announcing that the Russian army had destroyed Ukraine-made AN-225 'Mriya', the Ukrainian government said that their dream cannot be destroyed with this.