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Will Southern States Face Big Loss With Sabha Seats Increase?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   30 May 2023 4:33 PM GMT
Will Southern States Face Big Loss With Sabha Seats Increase?
The New Parliament building was inaugurated recently by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The opposition parties decided to skip the ceremony as they want to boycott the occasion. Amid the boycott calls, the massive structure was started. Keeping future needs in mind the new structure was built.

Amid this reports are doing rounds that the MP seats would be increased soon and the increase would happen on a population basis. India's population increased massively and we are the highest populated country in the world now. India even surpassed China in population.

At the time of the inauguration of the new Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the number of seats, and MPs will increase in the coming days, and having a new Parliament which can seat them is required. Since then the reports on Lok Sabha seats getting increased are doing rounds.

As the population is the criteria for the rise in Lok Sabha seats, states with high populations would get an advantage as the LS seats will be increased.n Uttar Pradesh is the highest populated state and it also has the highest MP seats. West Bengal is in second place.

Uttar Pradesh has 80 seats now and if the seats are increased then it goes up to 143. But there will be no change in God's own country Kerala as the population there is not big.

The news also raised doubt about whether the rise of MP seats will impact the southern states. No matter which party is in power, there is an opinion that the Centre ignores the Southern states. We are hearing this a lot in recent times.

If the existing Lok Sabha seats are increased then the northern states will see a big rise in the seats due to the high population they have. Southern states have less population and it looks like it will impact the states now.

Once the new Lok Sabha seats get into affective then the party that can win more seats in the northern states will get to come to power at the Centre. Let us wait and see what happens next in this row.