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Manipur Violence: Amit Shah Smells Possible Conspiracy!

The probe into the video issue would be held out of Manipur

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   28 July 2023 8:40 AM GMT
Manipur Violence: Amit Shah Smells Possible Conspiracy!

Manipur violence is a burning issue in the country. Though the violence has been going on for some months, the issue grabbed the attention of not just India but the entire world when the video of women parading naked on the roads went viral. After the video went viral, everyone started talking about the issue.

The ongoing fight is said to be happening between the two groups intensified. Three women were caught by a mob and were forced to strip. Later they were paraded naked on the roads. As if that was not enough the disgusting incident was filmed and the videos are shared on social media platforms.

Now Union Home Minister Amit Shah is said to have reacted to this and reportedly smelled a conspiracy. The Home Minister reportedly sensed a conspiracy behind the release of the videos as they appeared online before the Parliament’s monsoon sessions.

Amit Shah also said that there might be a big conspiracy to corner the government on the issue. Shedding light on the release of the video, Amit Shah is believed to have said that though the incident happened a few weeks back, the video was released later.

His comments came at a time when reports are abuzz that a CBI probe was launched into the issue to know details of who shot the video and who shared it online. The device with which the disgusting incident was shot was seized already. The probe into the video issue would be held out of Manipur.

On the other hand, the opposition parties have been targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking why he is not reacting to the issue when so much is happening. At last, the Prime Minister responded to the issue and said that he is very pained about the incident and that the guilty will not be spared. The opposition parties ask why the PM took so many months to react.

Even the Supreme Court reacted to the issue and expressed concerns about this. The Chief Justice of India said that what happened in the state is very unfortunate and the court will take action if the government fails to do so.