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Crucial Statement Comes From CID On Skill Scam!

AP CID said that PV Ramesh's statement was just a part of the investigation.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   11 Sep 2023 2:41 PM GMT
Crucial Statement Comes From CID On Skill Scam!

It is known that the AP CID arrested Chandrababu saying a big corruption scandal happened in Skill Development between 2014-2019 when he was the Chief Minister. The ACB court granted him 14 days remand. He was shifted to the Rajahmundry jail.

Amid this, AP CID released a sensational release. CID reacted to the claims made by former IAS officer PV Ramesh that the case was filed based on his statement. The CID rubbished his statements. The department said that what the ex-IAS officer said was not appreciable. It also cleared that the case is not going on based on his statement.

AP CID said that PV Ramesh's statement was just a part of the investigation. It said that there is evidence against the allegations in the scam. In a release, the department said that there is evidence of the misuse of power and the diversion of funds. Having said that, the CID said they went forward with the accurate evidence.

AP CID fumed at the former IAS for speaking on the issue when it is pending with the court and observed that such comments would create confusion. This would impact the investigation and probe. PV Ramesh ignored the suggestions made by the lower-cadre officer. The lower-cadre officers suggested to him that it is not good to release a big amount of Rs 371 crores at once, CID said.

The lower cadre officer advised the Chandrababu government that it would be good to release the funds for the skill hub as a pilot project. The government said that it went to Gujarat to see how things work and everything is perfect and ignored the suggestion, CID said.

The CID even alleged that the then-principal Secretary of the Finance Department PV Ramesh also ignored the objections raised by the lower cadre officer. There are many such aspects in the case. We did not take the matter for investigation casually or lightly as said by PV Ramesh, CID added.