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UK: Court Slaps Guilty With Jail Term For Kids Abuse!

A court slapped the guilty with a jail sentence.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   11 Aug 2023 8:00 AM GMT
UK: Court Slaps Guilty With Jail Term For Kids Abuse!

The incidents of Mistreatment and sexual abuse are increasing across the globe and more and more victims are becoming the prey. The shocking fact is that victims across age groups are forced to go through mental trauma. Even kids and teenagers are also facing threats which are very alarming.

In a spine-chilling development, a former teacher pleaded guilty to the charges of encouraging and instructing teenagers to sexually abuse children. A court slapped the guilty with a jail sentence. Teachers have a big role in society to shape young minds.

Despite being in a responsible position, the former teacher encouraged teenagers to abuse others. What’s even more disgusting is that the guilty had pictures and videos of the same. He is also accused of encouraging teenagers on social media.

Going into detail, one Matthew Smith, who is identified as a former deputy head teacher at a primary school in London was arrested by the National Crime Agency (NCA). It is known that consuming or uploading illicit pictures and videos of kids is banned and is a heinous crime.

As Smith has been uploading them on the dark web reportedly, his online activity grabbed the attention of the National Crime Agency (NCA) authorities who took him into custody. During the investigation, he pleaded guilty to the charges.

The case is very alarming to India as he is said to have encouraged teenagers in India to abuse kids. It is also said that he paid some of them for this. The guilty in the case gathered pictures and videos of the victims.

During the investigation, he revealed sensational things and said that he worked in various orphanages in India for a few years. He encourages teenagers to abuse others and gathers objectionable pictures and videos. Some of them are uploaded on the dark web.

He gets in touch with teenagers on Telegram and other apps and then gets pictures and videos. The former teacher was arrested earlier last year. As he pleaded guilty, he was slapped with a jail sentence of 13 years. This shocking incident shed light on the vulnerability of kids once again.