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Wisconsin Senate: Indian-Origin Woman Announces Candidacy!

Rejani Raveendran joined the row and wants to take on serving Senator Tammy Baldwin

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   10 Aug 2023 9:48 AM GMT
Wisconsin Senate: Indian-Origin Woman Announces Candidacy!

The trend of Indians moving to the United States has increased significantly and we can see more and more people going there. The Indian population is increasing in America at a higher rate and Indians are getting into various sectors and even trying their luck in elections and getting ready for the ballot box battle.

As another example of this, a 37-year-old Indian-American is running for the US Senate elections for Wisconsin. The Indian-born college student is said to have announced her candidacy for the Senate elections which would be commenced soon.

According to the local media, India-born college student Rejani Raveendran is running in the senate elections for the US state of Wisconsin. What makes the candidacy special is that she is dubbed as the first leader from the Republican party to officially run the Senate elections.

The midwestern U.S. state of Wisconsin has a good number of Indian population and Asian population. The two factors would help her in the elections. On the other hand, Rejani Raveendran has no prior experience of running the elections and she wants to take up the big challenge in her maiden election stint.

There are already a few indications that the Wisconsin Senate elections will be interesting to watch for with a few candidates showing interest to run the polls. To make the election race even more interesting Rejani Raveendran joined the row and wants to take on serving Senator Tammy Baldwin, who is a Democratic party leader. He has been holding the office for the last two terms and wants to go for a hat-trick.

Talking about Rejani Raveendran, she is aggressively talking about the borders and the menace of drugs. She said that she will be fighting the illegal migration. Of late we have been hearing heart-wrenching incidents of people passing away as part of their efforts to cross the border in illegal ways. It appears that the Indian-origin lady picked up the burning issues.

Getting more details about Rejani Raveendran, she was born in India and moved to the US in 2011. A few years later, she became a US citizen. She is a mother and has three kids. Reports say that she supported Donald Trump in the last two elections and would do the same in the upcoming polls as well.