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Israel-Hamas War: Top 5 Shocking Consequences!

Many consequences are going on with the war between Israel and Hamas. Let us see a few important developments.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   9 Oct 2023 3:25 PM GMT
Israel-Hamas War: Top 5 Shocking Consequences!

Unexpectedly, the Hamas militants waged a war on Israel. Everyone knows how the nation is facing issues with the war. Israel is dubbed as the victim nation by one and all after the war. The viral vidoes are shedding light on the Hamas militants' attack and the way they are behaving. Women are also not being spared and the atrocities are coming out.

Many consequences are going on with the war between Israel and Hamas. Let us see a few important developments.

1. Never Before Attrocitioes of Hamas

The atrocities of the Hamas militants who waged a war on Israel on the common people are coming out one after the other. They reportedly barged into the houses and shot people at point-blank range. The Israeli representatives are saying that the militants are not leaving anyone by killing them ruthlessly. They are saying that children are separated from their parents. Saying that hundreds of civilians lost lives already, they dubbed the atrocities as war crimes.

2. Attacks And Counter Attacks Turn Intense:

Israel is putting up a strong response to the unexpected attacks from the Hamas militants. Israel is raining bombs on the Hamas bases in Gaza. On the other hand, Hamas is also continuing its intense war. It is said lives are lost on both sides in big numbers. Observers say that around 1,200 people might have lost life so far.

3. Gaza Turns Into A Magical City:

Hamas militants waged a surprise war on Israel and killed hundreds of people already. It is said that the militants also took Israeli civilians with them and shifted them to the tunnels. The tunnel network in Gaza City is dubbed as the dangerous one. The Israeli troops have a big task in front of them to rescue the hostages.

To shock Israel, the people in Palestine dug a big tunnel at the Gaza-Israel border. They entered the Israeli land and came back after finishing the target. It is said that after Gaza fell to Hamas, a big tunnel was dug and a city was created. The Chemo flag technique was used reportedly to escape the radar of airplanes and satellites. With this, there are tunnels in the city. It is estimated that there will be around 1300 tunnels in Gaza. Many say that they pushed Israel into a tight spot by taking the hostages into the tunnels.

4.US Warships and Airplanes To Help Israel

In the wake of Hamas militants waging a war, the Big Brother US came out to support Israel by sending warships and airplanes. As the US condemned the attack of Hamas, the US is sending the help. The US President assured help to Israel and its people. On the other hand, Hamas objected US Help to Israel.

5. Disgusting: Celebrations On What Hamas Militants Did

The whole world is objecting to what Hamas militants are doing. The vidoes of the militants torturing women and others are out on social media. When everyone is objecting to them, a few people are celebrating this openly.

Though everyone has freedom, a few people celebrating what the Hamas militants did is raising many objections. The London police reacted to these vidoes and said that strict action would be taken. The cops say that a tab will be kept on such vidoes. There is a need to punish such people.