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Kishan Reddy Is In-charge Minister Of Manipur?

Kishan Reddy is the Minister in charge of North Eastern States

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   21 July 2023 2:53 PM GMT
Kishan Reddy Is In-charge Minister Of Manipur?

The North Eastern state Manipur has been burning for three months. The issues between Kuki and Meetei tribes are resulting in violence. The incident of parading two women naked came to light recently. The issue became a sensation in the nation. The opposition parties are demanding that the BJP alliance CM Biren Singh should be removed. They are also demanding that Prime Minister Modi should issue an announcement on the Manipur issue in Parliament.

Keeping all this aside, the violence in Manipur started on the 3rd of May. The internet services are shut from then. Recently, the services are resumed partially. Amid this, the unfortunate incident of women paraded naked came to light. The Centre gave directives to the social media platforms to delete the video. It is said that the Centre is in plans to take action against Twitter.

Amit Shah went to Manipur. Modi reacted to the issue. Union Home Minister Amit Shah held meetings on the violence a few times. He met a few communities there. A high-level team toured Manipur along with him.

As it is a law and order issue, Amit Shah is the main coordinator as the Union Home Minister. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not speak on the issue though it has been going on for 80 days. At last, he reacted to the issue before the Parliament sessions on Thursday.

Narendra Modi reacted to the issue as the unfortunate incident involving two women came to light. Even the Supreme Court is also moved by this. It gave an ultimatum to the Centre on the actions. Amid this, the Union Government said that it is ready for a discussion on the issue.

Kishan Reddy is the Minister in charge of North Eastern States. However, it is said that Union Home Minister Amit Shah would respond to the issue in the House.

But it has to be mentioned here that there is a special ministry for the North East States. The person who leads it is none other than Kishan Reddy, who recently took over the position of T-BJP chief.

Kishan Reddy holds the tourism portfolio and also the Ministry of Development of the North Eastern Region. He is serving as the Minister in independent status. On top of this, he is also taking care of the responsibilities of the North East states.

It is said that Kishan Reddy did not take an active part in this yet. Amit Shah is said to be monitoring this. Kishan Reddy recently became the Chief of Telangana state for the party. Bandi Sanjay is likely to replace him. It appears that Kishan Reddy has limited space in Manipur crisis prevention.