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INDIA Alliance's Big Idea To Corner BJP On Manipur Issue!

Now the India alliance is said to be in plans to give another blow to the BJP on the Manipur issue

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   27 July 2023 10:23 AM GMT
INDIA Alliances Big Idea To Corner BJP On Manipur Issue!

The Manipur issue is the biggest burning issue in the country. What has been happening in the north east state became a big topic of discussion in many nations. Even the United States was concerned about this and President Joe Biden said what happened in the state is very heart wrenching.

The opposition parties which have been fighting the issue against the Union government for the past few months decided to corner the Centre on the burning issue and they are not leaving any stone unturned in this regard.

The opposition parties which are against the Bharatiya Janata Party came under one roof and named the alliance as Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance(INDIA). The alliance wants to fight the BJP at the centre and dethrone it.

As a big step in this, the Congress Party gave notice of no confidence motion in Parliament against the Narendra Modi government and the Lok Sabha speaker accepted it. The date of discussion on the motion will be announced soon. Though the BJP has an advantage of strength in the House the opposition parties want to make the Bharatiya Janata Party weak morally and give a message to people that they are fighting the issue.

Now the India alliance is said to be in plans to give another blow to the BJP on the Manipur issue. It is said that leaders from the alliance would tour the state for a couple of days on 29 and 30 of this month.

Though there is no official announcement on this reports are saying the same. A deligation of leaders might tour the state to get first hand information about what is going on there.

The information would come in handy for the opposition parties to corner the BJP on the issue. When the no confidence motion gets a date for discussion in the house, leaders who tour the state might use the points they found during the visit.

Talking about the Manipur violence it was started reportedly in May and has been going on since then. Recently an inhuman incident of women parading naked in the roads came to light. The issue created a big uproar.