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Prashant Kishor Adds Salt To BRS's Wound!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 March 2024 5:14 AM GMT
Prashant Kishor Adds Salt To BRSs Wound!

The BRS which was TRS earlier has the legacy of winning two consecutive elections in Telangana. TRS scripted history by becoming the first party to come to power after the state bifurcation in 2014. In 2018 the party recorded another big win. With two wins to its name BRS wanted to score a hat trick.

The party leaders sounded confident about the third win with the lies of KTR saying the voters will bless KCR another time. But the election result came as a rude shock to the party and the leaders. A war of words is happening between BRS and Congress leaders in the house. On top of this KCR is yet to enter the house.

Making things worse for the party, the alleged irregularities in various schemes are being dug out. Recently CAG said that there is a big scam in the sheep distribution sheep to a tune of Rs 253 cr. Four officials were arrested in connection with the scam.

Now noted political strategist Prasanth Kishore came up with a sensational prediction for the BRS. He added salt to the wounds and predicted the existence crisis to the party after the Lok Sabha polls.

It is known that BRS pinned all its hopes on the Lok Sabha elections and wants to bounce back. The party leadership is holding meetings to prepare for the polls. The Lok Sabha elections are not that far from now.

Ahead of this PK added salt to the wounds and predicted an existential crisis after the elections. This started a debate on whether the BRS would lose the Lok Sabha polls. He linked it to the growth of the BJP.

Over the years BJP has been seeing a growth. In the recent elections, the BJP won eight MLA seats. While the number is not that big, the party pulled off a big performance compared to previous polls. This is an indication that BJP is spreading its wings in the state.

Saying that BJP’s growth is not good news for the BRS in the state, PK said that it is a worrying situation for the BRS as it would face an existential crisis after the polls. Let us wait and see what the BRS leaders would say about this.