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Where Is Pawan Kalyan?

The protests carried out by TDP are not reaching the people. On the other hand, reports are abuzz that, Pawan Kalyan will start the third edition of Varahi yatra.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   22 Sep 2023 11:35 AM GMT
Where Is Pawan Kalyan?

AP Politics are heating up. While a legal battle has been going on in the court on one end, a political fight is going on in the Assembly with the YCP vs. TDP fight. On the other hand, the TDP cadre is busy with the protests. On day three of the remand, Pawan Kalyan took a break from the shooting and landed in Rajahmundry. He came on a special flight and met Chandrababu in the jail.

Later, Pawan Kalyan announced an alliance with the TDP. He also said that TDP and Janasena will walk together from now on. Pawan Kalyan said that the two parties will announce the joint plan. Next, he went to the Mangalagiri party office and made the party give its nod to the alliances.

Reports also said that Janasena announced a committee under the leadership of Nadendla Manohar for the joint action with the TDP. It's been a week since this happened. A question was raised on what is the joining action. Looking at Janasena's end, the party is taking part in the protests along with the TDP locally.

However, the big leaders from both parties did not sit together and start a state-wide program. Saturday marks the 15th day of Chandrababu's arrest. The protests carried out by TDP are not reaching the people. On the other hand, reports are abuzz that, Pawan Kalyan will start the third edition of Varahi yatra on the 21st of this month in the Krishna district.

While there is no clarity on what happened to all of these, a big debate has been going on about Pawan Kalyan missing in the scene when the AP Politics are intense. Many wonder why Pawan Kalyan is not voicing his open when the political heat increased.

The question of where is Pawan in this crucial time had arisen. Many believe that the politics would have been different had Pawan Kalyan stood in support of TDP in the tough time. On the other hand, Janasena is said to be having doubts about who are the bigwigs in the TDP to talk about the joint game plan.

Nara Lokesh has been in Delhi for the past ten days and he is expected to spend a few more days in the national capital. It is said that the joint action might not progress unless Lokesh comes. On the flip side, the leaders in the TDP are projecting themselves as big leaders. Though Atchannaidu is the state chief, his powers are reportedly limited. After mulaqat with Chandrababu Naidu, Yanamala Rama Krishnudu said that they would put up a fight. But there were no directives from him for the party.

No matter what AP is burning politically. As Chandrababu's arrest ahead of the polls made the situation YCP vs. TDP, observers say that the situation would have been different had Pawan Kalyan come into the picture. But no one knows what Pawan Kalyan and Janasena are thinking. No matter what, questions about where is Pawan are popping up. We are hearing comments that TDP is focusing on a legal fight and next comes the political fight. We have to wait and see if Pawan comes into the picture at least by then.