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Illegal Migrants Are Getting Refugee Status With Khalistan Tag!

Khalistani movement as a mask to get accomodation in the United Kingdom

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   27 July 2023 8:45 AM GMT
Illegal Migrants Are Getting Refugee Status With Khalistan Tag!

The Khalistani movement which rocked India a few decades back is slowly spreading its deadly wings again. The movement is posing a big threat as its supporters are not leaving any stone unturned to show their anger at India. The supporters attacked the Indian Consulate. Now we have another reason to fear the movement.

A celebrated international daily revealed spine chilling details about immigrants using the Khalistani movement as a mask to get accomodation in the United Kingdom. After a detailed investigation, the daily carried out a story.

The Daily Mail shed light on the misuse of the Khalistani movement for immigrants to get the status of refugees. Lawyers and a few law firms are said to be training people who land in the UK to make the courts believe that they have certain threats. They are charging a certain amount from people to give them training on what to say before the judges.

It is said that the lawyers and law firms are advising Indians who reach the United Kingdom illegally to pose as protestors who took part in the farmers agitation and they have threats and agencies are after them. They are also training them on what to tell in the courts.

The lawyers are reportedly charging 5,500 Pounds to 10,000 Pounds. The Indians are also given training to say that they have a threat and were tortured and they came here for security.

The Daily Mail gathered sensational information on this by doing ground reporting. A few reporters posed as illegal migrants who came into the nation and met the firms and lawyers who are training Indians.

The news covered by the media outlet created a big sensation and sent shocking waves all over. The situation is such that the concerned authorities in the United Kingdom are examining the law firms and lawyers who are said to be helping the illegal migrants get refugee status in the UK. Lawyers are reportedly using the loopholes in the laws to help them.

The sensational news covered by Daily Mail grabbed the attention of everyone and even Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed his concerns about this. However, the Bar Council was not happy with the criticism that came from the PM.