Allu Arjun pleases Nandamuri fans but hurts PK fans!

Sun Nov 28 2021 17:55:34 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Allu Arjun has become one of the most sought after orator at public events. His fans and even general audiences wait for his speeches.

He has been awarded with Icon Star title by Sukumar and the actor seems to be living up to that title. He proved his golden heart when he said "Jai Balayya" at Akhanda pre-release event in front of Balakrishna and his fans.

He said that he wants to respect such senior actor and also respect fan emotions, so he would say that for them. Nandamuri fans loved this gesture from Allu Arjun. They said that they will support Pushpa as their own star hero film post Akhanda release, as well.

But Pawan Kalyan fans are hurt by this. They have boycotted Duvvada Jagannadam film teaser of Allu Arjun, because the actor said "Cheppanu Brother (I won't say it Brother)" on stage at a public event when fans asked him to say, Pawan Kalyan's name.

At the time, fans of the actor PSPK have become so irritant that they demanded every actor and hijacked every public event to make them say their hero's name. Allu Arjun is the first person to say No to their demand. That hurt them then and it seems to be hurting them still.

Even after PSPK openly attended Bunny's film event and clarified that he has no issues with Allu Arjun, his fans still maintaining grudge, doesn't abode well for them. It is a welcome moment for Telugu fans to see two big stars keeping their egos aside and appreciating each other, promoting each other films. Fans should also start shedding out their egos and appreciate such moments, letting bygones be bygones.