Ambika Krishna Reveals The True Nature Of Balakrishna!

Thu Jun 04 2020 15:19:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Senior film producer and former FDC chairman Ambika Krishna recently expressed his concern over Telugu heroes not helping the film industry in Andhra Pradesh. He said that no hero is coming forward to work in Andhra Pradesh after Telangana got separated. He adds that a few small producers filmed their movies in Andhra Pradesh due to the financial benefits but none of the big films are coming to Andhra for shooting purposes.

He told that he worked very hard for the welfare of film industry in Andhra Pradesh and requested heroes like Prabhas, Gopichand, Nani, Naga Shaurya to shoot their films in Andhra region. He stated that some responded positively to his request while other didn't. He further shares that YS Rajasekhar Reddy gave 300 acres for the film industry development near Vishakapatnam and when the notification for land distribution came, Balakrishna was one of the first persons to come forward to build a studio in 20 acres.

Ambika Krishna told that he likes Balakrishna a lot as the Nandamuri hero has a heart of hold and responds to people's problems immediately. He claims that Balakrishna is a devotional person who speaks his heart without hesitation. He even added that Balakrishna is a clean politician and said that he will be working with Balakrishna soon.