People Not Happy with Actress's Rude Behavior with Security!

Wed Jul 06 2022 12:42:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

The film industry is a glamour industry and the stars are papped everywhere they go. Film stars are papped even at the airports and gyms and with this, the stars try to keep them presentable everywhere. In the process, they wear some outfits that are difficult to carry.

Now an actress is facing the heat from the netizens for wearing an outfit that she cannot carry and making her security help her in carrying it. Hot beauty Nora Fatehi was called out by many for her alleged rude behavior with her security.

Like many cities, the financial capital of India, Mumbai is also facing issues with heavy rainfall. Amid downpour, Nora Fatehi was shooting her show. While she was heading towards her vanity van, there was rain and her security rushed to help her in getting into the van.

While her assistant held an umbrella, her security guard picked up her dress and made sure that Nora Fatehi enters the van without any issues. In the process, her security guard was drenched in the downpour. The video that is doing rounds shows Nora did not thank the security and the netizens are bashing her for being rude.

As it was raining there, Nora Fatehi sought help from her security in carrying her outfit. Going by the visuals in the video, one security guard was drenched in the rainwater and despite this, the actress did not say thank you to the guard, and this did not go well with many.

Not happy with what the actress did to the security guard who helped her in getting into the vanity without her dress getting any stains, the netizens are brutally trolling her. The stunning beauty is targeted and trolled. In the comment section of the post, the netizens' opinion was that it was not good on her part.

On the work front, Nora Fatehi is busy shooting for her upcoming dance reality show titled 'Dance Deewane Juniors'. She will be next seen in a special song in action hero Ajay Devgn's Thank God. The upcoming flick also stars Sidharth Malhotra and Rakul Preet Singh.