Will Akhil Wait For Top Director?

Sun Feb 10 2019 13:13:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Akhil has been trying to figure out a way to deliver a success at the box office and even Mr. Majnu failed to deliver for him. He did try to go for tours and see that the movie gets publicity but the movie did not pick up at all.

There are several speculations about his next project but he decided to not go through his previous plans, it seems.

He decided that a star director with better script can only help him at this situation and he wants to wait for them, it seems.

Every big director is busy with one or two projects and he decided to wait till one of them is free enough to work with him, it seems.

He may wait for as long as it takes till the combination sets for him, it seems. On the other side, few others are saying he might announce his next film, in March.