AP Govt Gets Power Shock From Electricity Department!

Sat Aug 06 2022 13:22:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

The economy of Andhra Pradesh state is not in a good shape and the contracts are forced to wage a battle to get the bills cleared. Not just that, earlier owners of the places who gave their buildings for rent for Grama Sachivalayam(Village Secretariats) locked the establishments over the long delay in payments.

Not just in one region, a bunch of regions saw this as the concerned authorities had to step in to sort out the issues. After a portion of the dues was cleared by the authorities, the owners opened the lock. The issue brought a lot of criticism to the government as many wondered why the government neglected the payment.

Now the state faced another big jolt as the Vijayawada-based power distribution company Andhra Pradesh Central Power Distribution(APCPDCL) cut the power supply to many government offices in Ongole. Not happy with the delay, the APCPDCL authorities took the decision reportedly.

It is said that the APCPDCL had served notices to the concerned government offices asking them to clear the pending dues, but there is no reply from them. Having had enough of waiting and delay, the authorities gave a shock to government offices in Andhra Pradesh.

Those who heard the story are saying that the electric power company gave a big shock to the government by stopping supply to various government offices in the district and the offices range from Panchayat Raj, Municipalities, and other departments.

Usually, we hear that the electricity department cut the power supply with the delay in the payment of the bills. But the power supply company shocked the government and cut the power supply. However, there is no update on whether the power was restored or not.

As per the media reports, the pending dues amount to over Rs 300 crores in the Ongole district alone and various offices are not paying the dues reportedly. The pending amount in the district made many wonder how much the current dues would be in various districts in the state. The power department swung into action and cut the power supply. The officials made failed attempt to stop the electricity department won't cut the power supply.