AP Techie Gets Trapped In Deep Rainwater, Passes Away!

Mon May 22 2023 12:35:06 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

As an example of how climate change can leave a big impact, we are facing heavy downpours in the summer season. Due to the heavy rains roads are turning into pools and people are facing issues with heavy traffic. This is not just the case with one city, the same is the case with almost every metro city.

Even the big cities are failing to cope up with the heavy rains and waterlogging on the roads. The heavy rains turned into a disaster as a woman passed away with it. Her vehicle was trapped in the rainwater and it was late before the rescue came to help her. This incident grabbed everyone's attention.

This tragic incident happened in Bengaluru. A Telugu software employee from Andhra Pradesh was visiting the city along with her family. However, the car got trapped in the water and the female software employee breathed her last. Many say that the mistake of the car vehicle is the reason behind the disaster.

Going into details, Bhanurekha is a software employee at Infosys and she planned a quick sightseeing along with her family. Due to the heavy rains, there was water on the roads. The KR Circle underpass in Bengaluru was already in the water. Despite seeing this the car driver went ahead to pass the road as per the passersby.

The driver's decision turned disaster as it did not take much time for the car to get stuck in the middle of the water. The fire personnel were informed about the incident and they reached the spot. A rescue operation was started straight away and the software employee's family members were rescued.

Unfortunately, Bhanurekha could not make it and passed away. The incident created a sensation in the state and the newly formed Karnataka government swung into action. An FIR was formed already to probe the matter.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah visited the hospital and met the family members of the victim. A compensation of ₹5 lakhs was also announced for the family. The Karnataka CMO took to Twitter to share the news of the Chief Minister visiting the victim and her family members.