After Dubbak, Hujurabad, BJP hands out another defeat to BRS

Fri Mar 17 2023 13:00:02 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The beleaguered BJP, which is battling dissent and dissensions from within, got a shot in the arm as it has defeated the ruling BRS candidate in the Teachers' Constituency MLC elections . BJP candidate AVN Reddy won in a keenly contested battle and defeated BRS backed PRTU candidate Chennakeshava Reddy.

The victory is being attributed to the growing influence of the RSS and the BJP among the teaching community. The BJP's teachers' wing Telangana State Upadhyaya Sangham (TPUS) has steadily improved its influence among the teachers by organising a slew of sensitisation programmes. The BJP also worked hard by contacting every eligible voter and impressing upon him the need to vote for its candidate.

This victory is seen as significant as the BRS backed candidate used all the resources at his command. Yet, he could not woo the voters. This is being seen as an example of the growing disenchantment with the ruling BRS in Telangana. The teaching community is said to be quite angry with the BRS.

With just a few months left for the state elections, the result is being seen as a warning bell for the ruling BRS. Though the BRS has won the three MLC constituencies thanks to the majority in the legislative assembly, it has lost the only seat where the teachers, who represent a significant section of the general voters, have expressed their  opinion.