After One Nation One Ration Card, Its One Nation One Charger!

Wed Aug 10 2022 16:16:32 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Mobile phones and tabs became a part of our life to a point that we cannot imagine our day-to-day life activities without them. After the Covid pandemic hit us, the usage of electronic gadgets increased at once and the sales of phones and tabs increased massively. Electronic gadgets became a big platform to help students with online classes.

Mobile phone users worry about the charge on their devices when they go out. There are two operating systems available in India right now which are iOS and Android. The chargers are different and we cannot charge the devices with each other. Forget about using charges of another platform, even in Android, there are two types of chargers- Type C and normal USB chargers.

If everything goes as per plan, we might see common charges coming into effect in the country. Reports say that the Indian government called for a key meeting to see that common charges which can charge various devices would be manufactured by the companies.

The meeting is likely to be held next week and the mobile manufactures and related accessory manufacturers reportedly received the invitation for the same. We have to wait and see what happens here. If the common charger comes into existence the users would get a big relief.

Having a common charger is not a new demand, A few western nations have already accepted the proposal and the work for the same is underway. Though the leading tech giant Apple will suffer a big blow, the European Union reportedly accepted the proposal.

It appears like India also liked the proposal and wants to implement the same here. If the companies put any excuses, the Indian government might cite the example of the EU on the common charge row. Moreover, the Supreme Court also warned a few social media giants about not following the rules and said law of the land should be followed.

Going by the developments, we can sense that the Union government is very strong on its stand on the common charger. Looks like, after One Nation One ration Card, the Bharatiya Janata Party has another strong slogan One Nation, One Charger.