Aircraft Shocks Passengers, Leaves Before The Scheduled Time!

Thu Jan 19 2023 18:39:18 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

We are hearing all the wrong things about airlines and air travel these days. A male passenger reportedly urinated on a female passenger. Action was taken against the accused after the news broke out and his details were gathered. Another person is believed to have urinated inside the airport.

Now close to three dozen passengers had an unwanted experience as the air carrier left hours before the scheduled time leaving them stranded at the airport. This created a big row and people are talking about the issue now.

This is said to have been reported from the Amritsar airport. The flight that was supposed to reach Singapore from Amritsar was scheduled to take off at 7.55 PM on Wednesday. But the air carrier reportedly took off at around 03.00 PM.

The Amritsar-Singapore flight reportedly took off five hours before the scheduled time. The passengers were shocked to know that they missed the flight without their mistake. The issue was taken to the airport authorities and then it was leaked to the media.

The statutory body Directorate General of Civil Aviation reacted to the issue and asked Scoot airlines of Singapore to give an explanation on this and why the passengers were left at the airport.

However, Singapore's airline company is said to have said that the flight timings were changed and the same was informed to the passengers through the mail and they did their part. An investigation is underway to ascertain what happened.