Amaravati Farmers Cannot Even Get Loans From Bankers!

Fri May 19 2023 16:56:41 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

If everything would have gone as per the planning, we would have seen a big capital city with all the facilities better than other cities in Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh. Under the land pooling massive area was pooled keeping future needs in mind. But things changed upside down with the change in power.

Farmers and residents in the Amaravati region gave their lands to the capital city. Their sacrifice is not giving them any big results. The current government wants to have three capitals instead of focusing only on Amaravati. The government is even getting ready to distribute house plots for the poor in the R-5 zone. The Supreme Court also gave a green signal to this.

Well, the Amaravati farmers and people who gave their lands are facing another issue as the returnable plots in the Amaravati area are reportedly became invalid to get loans from the banks as the officials are not giving loans.

As per the media reports, bankers are refusing to give loans on the returnable plots saying that they have no directives. Despite meeting them multiple times, farmers are not getting loans. They are facing issues as they could not get the loans on the plots that were allotted for them.

The previous government gave returnable plots to farmers as they gave their lands to the capital. Based on the area the cost of the plots differs. But the bankers are not ready to give loans which is a big concern for them.

While taking lands from them, the CRDA made an agreement saying that the annual lease amount will be paid to all LPS farmers in the region for 10 years and every year the amount will be increased. There are allegations that the government is not paying the money on time. Now another issue is affecting Amaravati farmers.