American State Passes Resolution Against Growing Hinduphobia!

Sat Apr 01 2023 18:51:59 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Hinduphobia is on a rise in many nations. Recently we have seen Khalistan supporters defacing Hindu temples in Canada and writing anti-India and anti-Hindu remarks on the temple walls in Canada. A few temples were vandalised in America and a few Hindus were also targeted in the land of opportunity.

A fact has to be mentioned here that Indians are living in big numbers in America and other nations. Despite this, Hinduphobia is not stopping. People are facing racial slurs as well. This has become a big concern for Indians living abroad.

Amid this, an American state came forward with a resolution against Hinduphobia. As per the reports, Georgia, an American state passed a resolution condemning Hinduphobia. With this, Georgia became the first US state to pass such a resolution.

The Georgia House of Representatives is the house that passed the bill. In a press release, the house said that it understood the growing Hinduphobia and came up with the resolution.

The House also took the opportunity to mention the role Hindus are doing in America in various fields like health, science, engineering, information technology, and others, and the community which has become an integral part of America going tough attacks is not acceptable.

This will be a piece of news to celebrate for Hindus living in America. They now have a resolution against the attacks against them. Hindus living across the United States are celebrating the news. The Hindu organisers and bodies who are fighting for their demands need special mention here.