Another TRS MLA faces heat from public, irate people shout 'go back' slogans

Tue May 10 2022 11:50:59 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

More and more TRS MLAs are facing heat from the irate people, who are unhappy with the performance of their elected representatives. Several MLAs had to face angry people questioning them about their inaction on solving their problems. The latest to face the public ire is Bellampalli TRS MLA Durgam Chinnaiah.

The other day, the MLA's convoy was stopped at Barepalli village in Tandur mandal in Mancherial district. The locals gheraoed the MLA and took him to task for not doing anything for their village. They said that the MLA has failed to bring any developmental project for the village. They raised complaints about the condition of the roads and the lack of drinking water.

The villagers blocked the road and asked the MLA to go back. A nonplussed MLA tried to convince them to allow him to attend the "Mana Badi" programme in Rechini Gram Panchayat. But the people did not relent and demanded that he go back. Left with no option, the MLA had to return without attending the programme.

The voters are questioning the MLAs about the promises they made during the assembly elections and as to what happened to them. Unable to fulfil the demands, several MLAs have not been visiting their constituencies. Now with the 2023 elections approaching, they are forced to go to the voters and are unable to face the electorate's questions.