Arvind Vs Sanjay.. Crisis In BJP!

Tue Mar 14 2023 12:52:08 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Telangana Assembly elections will be held in six to seven months. If everything goes well then the schedule would be announced in three or four months. This is a crucial time for the party. At the time when the Telangana BJP leaders should travel together, internal issues erupted in the party. The party leaders who are saying that they will come to power and push the Kalvakuntla family into jail are having internal fights.

With this many doubts started popping up on whether things got worse and whether the BJP is traveling without any direction. It has turned out to be a big question, how the leaders are indulging in the fights when the Delhi BJP leaders took the elections prestigiously? Even the party seniors are shocked by the internal fights.

What Happened?

It is known that Party Telangana Chief Bandi Sanjay is trying to bring Josh in the party with his padayatra. However many leaders feel that this will lead to the centralization of power. A few are indeed making efforts to target him. Amid this, his 'Kiss' comments on MLC Kavitha at a meeting held on Women's day created a political sensation.

BRS leaders used the comments in their favour. However, instead of backing the party leader, the leaders put Sanjay in a tough situation. Importantly, Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Arvind faulted Sanjay's comments. Arvind saying the state chief is appointed to coordinate with the national level and he is not a power centre became controversial.

Bandi Sanjay and Arvind had no issues in the past. Party sources say that the two started facing issues in the Nizamabad district regarding the joinings. There is an opinion that Arvind is stopping a leader from Balkonda from joining the BJP. It is said that leaders from other parties being in touch with Bandi Sanjay did not go well with Arvind and he expressed his dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, there are issues between Bandi Sanjay and MLA Etela Rajender. With the issues going to the notice of the leadership, key leaders were called to Delhi. It came as a surprise for the BJP circles with MP Arvind and Perela Sekhar Raao expressing dissatisfaction with Sanjay. They say that these situations would work for BRS. It's interesting to see what happens here.