BJP has no time to disqualify its MLAs but Rahul Gandhi!

Tue Mar 28 2023 15:39:58 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Whole country is talking about Rahul Gandhi's disqualification now. It is a fact that the disqualification decision was taken by the Parliament going by the orders of a court convicting him in a defamation case. More than the disqualification, the speed at which Rahul Gandhi was disqualified raised many eyeballs.

Despite convicting him in the case, the court gave one month time for Rahul Gandhi to go for an appeal. Even before Rahul Gandhi can decide how to go forward in the case, the Parliament disqualified him, and the Lok Sabha Housing Committee asked him to vacate his 12 Tughlaq Lane bungalow by April 22 following the disqualification.

Many wonder what is the urgency for suddenly disqualifying him without waiting for one month's time to go for an appeal. The Congress leaders and opposition parties are alleging that the Bharatiya Janata Party is after Rahul Gandhi and wants to silence his voice.

Amid Rahul Gandhi's row, the focus is on two BJP MLAs who were convicted in different cases. However, the leaders are not disqualified and they are also gearing up for the general elections.

Earlier last month, one Nehru Olekar, who is an MLA from the Bharatiya Janata Party from Karnataka was convicted in a fraud case and selected two years in jail. The Haveri MLA was found guilty of diverting government funds. He reportedly used the MLA funds for his sons. Along with the MLA, six others were convicted in the case.

However, the MLA was disqualified. The BJP is in power and there is no news on what the party wants to do with him. The conviction came one month back and he should have been disqualified by now. But that did not happen.

Another MLA who was convicted in a case with two years jail sentence is M P Kumaraswamy, an MLA from the Mudigere constituency in Karnataka. The verdict was given by a special court. Besides convicting him, the court issued directives to him to pay Rs 1,35,90,000 to the agriculturist, who moved the court against him.

 Both the MLAs are from Karnataka and are from BJP. But no action was taken against them, and Rahul Gandhi was disqualified. People are asking if BJP has no time to disqualify its MLAs but Rahul Gandhi.