BRS MLA Responds To Allegations Of Secual Harrasment!

Tue Mar 28 2023 16:14:25 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

A woman started a big controversy in Telangana politics with a video byte. She alleged that the ruling BRS MLA from Bellampalli Durgam Chinnaiah is harassing them and made the Police file a case against them when they are just running a dairy. The issue raised many eyeballs in the state.

The BRS MLA reacted to the allegations and said that the entire episode is a conspiracy to hinder his image. Calling the allegations baseless, the Bellampalli MLA doubted if the allegations from the organizers were to safeguard themselves.

Hitting back at the allegations, the MLA said that contrary to popular opinion, the number which is said to be mine doesn't belong to me and the organizers are playing a double game. He also smelled a conspiracy to target him ahead of the elections. The organizers might have been with the opposition parties, he alleged.

Giving his version of the case, the MLA said the organisers cheated the farmers on the pretext of opening a diary but did not set up one. He also said that around 60-70 lakhs were collected from 20-25 farmers and based on their complaint the police filed a complaint.

The MLA went on to say that he will reveal more evidence against the organisers and he did not ask the Police to file a complaint against them. He also hit back at the allegations of cheating and sexual harassment.