Bandi Sanjay Smells Conspiracy Behind His Son Getting Targeted!

Wed Jan 18 2023 11:14:57 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The political rivalry between BJP and BRS in Telangana is such that any issue gets a wide range of attention. The political heat in the state increased at once after Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar's son landed in an alleged controversy.

His son Bhagirath who is studying at Mahindra University is said to have assaulted a student from the same University. Videos of the alleged controversy came out. Bandi Sanjay and the BJP are facing a lot of criticism on the videos as many are demanding strict action against the accused.

Making things worse the management of Mahindra University is said to have suspended Bhagirath and a few others from the establishment due to the issue. Bringing a twist to this the person who was reportedly hit by Bhagirath said that the mistake was on his side.

The student said that after he misbehaved with a girl Bhagirath and other thrashed him. Many felt that the issue might get diluted after the person clarified the incident and mentioned what happened.

Despite the student giving a clarification a Police case has been registered against Bhagirath. Bandi Sanjay lashed out at the issue and said that there is a conspiracy behind this and that's why a Police case has been filed. Bandi Sanjay spoke to the media and reacted to the issue.

Alleging that the incident was an old one and that the videos are released now with a conspiracy to target him and his son, the Telangana BJP chief said that they will not fear anyone.

Bandi Sanjay alleged that Chief Minister KCR is behind this and that is the reason why the College management did not follow the procedure and not informed the parents of the student before complaining to Police.

Stressing the point that there was a political conspiracy behind the case, Bandi Sanjay asked the Chief Minister why the government failed to stop the attacks and atrocities against women in the state. You cannot stop this but you can file cases against innocent people and cause trouble for them, the Bharatiya Janata Party MP said speaking to the media.