Can The Massive Crowds Fetch Big Votes For TDP?

Thu Feb 02 2023 12:55:44 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The grand old Telugu Desam Party suffered a humiliating loss in the 2019 elections and recorded the worst-ever performance in elections since its inception. The party is aiming to make a strong comeback and show that the party still has a great presence and it is a big name.

As part of that TDP General secretary Nara Lokesh started a massive yatra titled Yuva Galam. The Yatra was started recently from Kuppam, the Assembly constituency represented by his father Nara Chandrababu Naidu. The padayatra will cover around 4,000 kilometers and will last for 400 days. The roadmap was designed to cover around 125 constituencies.

It's been around a week since the Yuva Galam padayatra started. As of now, the yatra received a good response from various sections of people. During his yatra, Nara Lokesh is mainly visiting the youth and assuring the address of their problems.

Padayatra is the best way to increase the image and take the vote percentage up for the next elections. It helps not only to meet the people across the state but also to know their problems. With a belief that the leaders will sort out the issues, people vote for them as happened with YS Jagan Mohan Reddy when he went on a yatra.

But the question is can Nara Lokesh's padayatra fetch votes for Telugu Desam Party? Padayatra is one of the factors and it cannot help any party alone. A positive wave complemented Jagan's massive padayatra. If Nara Lokesh can pull off such a stint then nothing can stop the grand old party.

YSRCP created a big opinion among people that TDP is not fighting for the state's interests. If the TDP can create the same image then it will be an advantage to TDP. On top of this, Nara Lokesh got the responsibility to meet people and make the party strong at the root level.

Youth is waiting for employment opportunities and growth in the state. If Nara Lokesh can work on the party at the root level then it will be beneficiary. Moreover, we cannot say that people attending the meetings cannot be a parameter of votes.

We can see a flood of people for Pawan Kalyan's events. But the same failed to convert into votes. Even when Chiranjeevi floated Praja Rajyam Party, political experts drew a comparison to NTR's TDP by looking at the people. But the reality was quite different. So it is in the hands of Nara Lokesh to convert the crowds into big votes.