Can't Stay Ban on Chintamani Play: Court

Fri Jun 24 2022 16:20:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telugu land is rich in culture and arts and no wonder, the region produced many scholars, and the books written by the scholars are passed on to generations. Compared to other languages, the Telugu language has more writers and scholars. Before cinema took over, it was the plays that entertained the audiences.

After Gurajada Apparao's Kanyasulkam, if there is any popular play then it is Chintamani natakam without a doubt. The play is being played for over 100 years. Ending the history of the play, the Andhra Pradesh government decided to ban the play after a few members of the Arya Vaishya Community raised a few objections.

Now a few petitions were filed in Andhra Pradesh High Court opposing the ban on the play. Rebel MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju filed the petition and said that banning the pay will impact the play artists and hence sought the stay order on the ban.

However, the Court said a stay order cannot be given and ordered that the translated copy of the play should be submitted to the court and then they will take a call on the issue. The next hearing is posted on the 17th of August.

No one knows why the Arya Vaishya community suddenly got issues with the lay when it has been playing for the past 100 years. As if the decision was taken already, the government banned the play immediately after the community raised objections.