Fans To File Case Against Balayya Babu

Mon Oct 14 2019 13:38:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Everyone is aware of Balayya Babu's ways. He loses his cool at the drop of the hat and slaps anyone who comes close to him. He has even slapped his fans many a times. But, now this very habit of his' is going to land him in trouble. Some of those who got slapped by Balayya are now planning to lodge complaints against him. If this happens, the swashbuckling hero would have to do rounds of the police and the courts.  He has even attacked media persons during the time of election campaign. A mediaperson suffered minor injuries too. In fact, during the election campaign, Balayya Babu slapped many people. Now these people are going to file cases against him.

Balayaa's wife is on record saying that fans like to get slapped by Balayya Babu and hence they get close to him. She said that the slapping is a way of showing affection and it demonstrates the live link between both Balayya Babu and his fans.  But not all seem to amused by his violent affection. So, it's troubled times for Balayya Babu.