Caste calculations behind CS's appointment?

Thu Jan 12 2023 11:02:51 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Is there a secret political agenda behind the appointment of senior IAS officer Shanta Kumari as Telangana's chief secretary? Those in the know say that chief minister KCR has kept caste calculations in mind while appointing Shanta Kumari to the coveted post. They argue that her appointment is linked to the caste calculations in Andhra Pradesh, where the BRS is trying to expand.

Shanta Kumari is from the Kapu community, which is the dominant community in Andhra Pradesh.  Sources say that KCR is eyeing the Kapu vote in Andhra Pradesh. In fact, most of those who have joined the BRS are from the same community. The AP unit president Thota Chandrasekhar too is a Kapu.

Significantly, a large number of Kapu leaders readily congratulated Shantakumri and thanked CM for making a Kapu the CS of the state. This is also being seen as a move aimed at getting maximum publicity to the fact that the CS is a Kapu.

Interestingly, till recently, Shanta Kumari was given insignificant departments and there are reports that the ministers reviewed her departments without giving any information to her. Though she was as senior as Somesh Kumar, KCR favoured Somesh Kumar over Shanka Kumari. Now, she was promoted despite the fact that Rani Kumudini Devi is way too senior to her.