Communist Leader Predicts YCP Win With TDP-BJP-Janasena Alliance!

Mon May 22 2023 15:21:56 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The general elections in Andhra Pradesh are one year away. The opposition parties are yet to get clarity on how to go for the elections. The alliance is yet to be confirmed. Telugu Desam Party and Janasena are showing interest in joining hands and there is no clarity from the Bharatiya Janata Party's side.

Many say that the BJP-TDP-Janasena alliance would come to power if worked together as happened with the 2014 polls. Those who are not happy with the YSRCP are also hoping to see this happen. But there is no clarity on whether this happens or not as BJP has some issues with TDP.

On top of this, the recent Karnataka elections proved that the ruling party facing a negative image would see a defeat. A few political observers also predict that BJP might lose its adamant nature post the Karnataka election results and might show interest in allying.

Amid this, CPI Narayana made some interesting comments and said that the three parties would go to elections together. However, he predicted YCP's win in the elections with the alliance. The comments made by the communist leader grabbed everyone's attention.

Narayana said that the anti-BJP vote bank would go to the YCP and the minorities would vote for the ruling party. If this happens then Jagan will become Chief Minister again, the CPI leader said.

Seeing his comments from a critical point of view, BJP is facing anti-sentiment now and Andhra Pradesh is not an exception to this. Compared to others, the sentiment is high in the state. BJP did not grant the special status as announced by Modi. BJP is maintaining a neutral stand on Amaravati. While the Delhi leadership said that the state has the power to pick the capital city and the AP wing of BJP is fighting for the Amaravati demand.The Centre's stand on Vizag Steel Plant did not go well with the Andhra Pradesh people and no companies or investments were granted to the state by the BJP.

Talking about the minorities voting for YCP, the vote banks shifted their loyalties to the party from the Congress party. Christians and Muslims have been a strong vote bank of YSR when he was CM.