Congress has no MLC in UP in 110 years

Thu Jul 07 2022 13:10:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

For the first ever time in the history of independent India, Uttar Pradesh legislative council is not going to have any Congress MLC.  The lone sitting MLC , Deepak Singh's term, expired the other day. With this, there is no Congress representation in the UP council. The Congress has just two MLA seats and there is no possibility of an MLC from the Congress getting elected in the coming five years.

This is for the first time that there is no Congress MLC  in the UP legislative council in 110 years. The council was formed in 1887 in the British era and Congress leader and Jawahar Lal Nehru's father MotilalNehru was the first to be nominated to the council. Since then, there has been some representation for the party all these years.

The incident is being seen as a reflection of the falling graph of the Congress Party in the country. In Uttar Pradesh, the party has been on a steady decline. The last Congress Chief Minister was Veerbhadra Singh way back in 1989. After him, the Congress could never come to power in UP. This time around, the party could not even enter into an alliance  with either the Samajwadi Party or with the BSP.

It contested all the 403 seats in the latest assembly elections, but could win just two seats. It won both the seats not because of the Congress charisma but because of the candidates, who come from a local royal family. This shows that the party is in terminal decline in the Uttar Pradesh.