Corporator Brutally Attacked And Killed In Hyderabad!

Mon Jan 23 2023 12:18:25 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The recent incidents are raising serious questions about humanity forcing many to think about where we are heading as humans. The way the murder incidents are popping out has become a serious concern. A few months back we saw how Shraddha Walker was brutally killed by her live-in boyfriend.

A similar case was reported in Delhi where an aged person was killed by his son and wife. A young girl was hit and dragged under a car in the national capital Delhi. This led to her death as he sustained serious injuries. An investigation is underway in this case and there are a few doubts about the alleged murder angle.

Now another incident joined the list. The murder was reported in broad daylight. Most shockingly the murder was reported from Hyderabad. Three unidentified assailants attacked and killed the victim. The shocking thing is that the victim is said to be a Corporator.

Going into details one Jangam Sainath who stays in Esamia Bazar in Koti was hacked to death on the Jiyaguda bypass road. While he was traveling on his two-wheeler three people stopped his vehicle and attacked him. First, he was hit on his head which left him sustaining a big injury.

Then the three attackers brutally attacked the victim and killed him. Despite the alleged attack in broad daylight no person is said to have come to help the victim. The Corporator pleaded for help and requested the accused to not harm him but in vain.

It is said that a traffic constable saw that and ran toward the spot shouting. Seeing this the attackers left the spot by jumping into the adjacent Musi river. They could not be traced by the constable and other passersby as per the media reports.

The constable tried his best in saving the victim. Unfortunately, he could not. He called the police and informed them about the same. They reached the spot along with the clue teams. It is said that the victim was identified based on the IT proofs like the Aadhaar card he had with him. The investigation is underway and further details are awaited.

The cops are investigating the matter from the angle of gang wars and possible issues and transactions between the victim and the accused. The victim's phone history is being accessed. A few passersby recorded the incident and based on that the cops are probing the matter.