Karnataka CM Race: DK Shiva Kumar Turns Table Around!

Wed May 17 2023 16:29:36 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The grand old Congress party recorded a much-needed win in the Karnataka Assembly polls. The party felt very happy that it had managed to defeat the arch-rival Bharatiya Janata Party. But the main problem arrived after winning the elections. The Congress party is facing big trouble and is unable to get an answer to the headache.

Who should be made the Chief Minister of Karnataka between Siddaramaiah and DK Shiva Kumar is the question that is troubling the Congress party leadership. It cannot make any one of the two angry as it would leave a big impact on the party. This is making the decision-making even more complicated.

Recently we have heard reports that the Congress party worked on this and decided to make senior politician Siddaramaiah the Chief Minister of Karnataka and DK Shiva Kumar would be made his deputy to put an end to the growing political controversy in the state. An announcement was also expected.

But DK Shiva Kumar is said to have brought another controversy in the CM race and reportedly demand a CM post. At a key meeting, DK Shiva Kumar shocked everyone by saying that he wants the CM post and nothing else and he is not ready to take up the deputy post as well, reports said.

DK Shiva Kumar came up with a proposal that Mallikarjun Kharge should be made the CM if he is not given a chance. Talking about the seat-sharing proposal, Shiva Kumar reportedly refused it and said he has no trust in this and cited the example of Rajasthan.

DK Shiva Kumar is known as a troubleshooter in the party and also a strong loyalist to the Gandhi family. But the strong leader is not ready to settle for any other posts except for the Chief Minister post.

It appears that the leader might have felt that this is his chance to get the Chief Minister post and he will not get a similar situation in the next polls. The party might not get such a big mandate and there might be other competition from other leaders in the party. Now he has only one competitor and the situation would be different in the next term.