Distance between Raj Bhavan and Pragathi Bhavan is only growing

Thu May 25 2023 11:27:26 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Governor Tamilisai seems to be getting one-up in the fiercest battle that she is fighting with Telangana Chief Minister KCR. Despite all his political guile and acumen, KCR is unable to win over the tough and the resilient Tamilisai. The situation has come to such a pass that the TRS government is now wary of sending any bill to the Raj Bhavan.

The Raj Bhavan is exercising the rights conferred on the Governor to effectively stall the decisions of the KCR government. If the government rejects any bill, the government can resend it for Raj Bhavan's consideration and the bill would be automatically deemed to have been passed. But, Tamilisai is accused of sitting over the files for six-months and then send it for presidential remarks. This is resulting in inordinate delays.

With elections fast approaching, the TRS government wants to fill bodies like the Human Rights Commission and RTI commission.  Two posts each in these two bodies have to be appointed. They are lying vacant since December 2022. On 27th of May, the term of two Governor quota MLCs is expiring. The TRS government has to forward names for filling these vacancies.

However, the TRS is wary that Tamilisai could raise questions about the names forwarded by the KCR government. In the past, she sought clarification about Padi Kaushik Reddy's candidature. A shocked TRS had to make him an MLC in the local  bodies quota instead of the governor's quota. The TRS is apprehensive that the governor could do the same thing again. As a result, the distance between the Raj Bhavan and the Pragathi Bhavan is only growing.