Does Adala Have That Power? Is the Talk In Nellore!

Wed Feb 08 2023 17:48:56 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Adala Prabhakar Reddy is a name that was not heard in the state earlier popularly. Now his name is being heard a lot in Nellore and the state. His appointment as the In-charge of Nellore Rural is the reason behind this. He was given a chance by removing Rural MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy. There is still suspense on whether he will get a ticket or not.

Keeping the suspense aside, Adala faced a shocking experience when he visited the constituency for the first time. Though massive arrangements were made to garland a Gajamala and flexes were erected, activists did not show up in expected numbers.

Nellore Rural Constituency is a strong fortress of YCP. Party leadership predicted that activists will show up even though Kotamreddy was removed. But the event went on unexpectedly.

A few Corporators took part in the meeting conducted by Adala in the constituency. However, the Corporators are said to have requested Adala to help them in releasing funds from Jagan for development works.

Adala reportedly told the Corporators that he will make them meet Chief Minister Jagan in 20 days. On the same occasion, he told them that nothing will happen to CM Jagan no matter who leaves the party.

Looking at the issue from a Vote bank point of view, Kotamrreddy is aggressive and he has a dedicated vote bank. Adala is a new face and he is not even a mass leader. Surprisingly party leaders have doubts about whether Adala can win the polls even though he gets a party ticket. They are saying that Adala doesn't have that scene. However, they are not making their opinions out.