HYD: Drug Racket busted, big names associated with the racket!

Fri Jan 07 2022 16:25:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

The incidents of the concerned authorities busting the drug rackets are on a rise in the country. We have seen such incidents in various parts of the nation in the recent past. The recent infamous Mumbai drugs case was one such incident. One common point in these cases will be that famous names will get linked to the issues.

Joining the list of drug rackets that were busted by the cops, the Hyderabad Police had busted a racket after receiving information from credible sources. Going by the tip-off received, the cops have conducted raids and busted a racket.

As per the media reports, the Hyderabad Police have busted a racket and arrested a few peddlers who are believed to be from Mumbai.

What's even surprising is that the details of the customers of the racket were gathered by the cops, who are big names in the entertainment arena and political spectrum and their relatives.

As big names are surfacing in the case, the cops are probing the case further from various angles to get as much information as possible in the matter. After digging more details and coming to a conclusion, the cops are likely to make a formal announcement in the case.