Experts Tips On How To Be Safe While Using WhatsApp!

Wed May 24 2023 18:54:56 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Earlier this month, a techie lost around 42 lakhs in a scam. The scammers trapped the victim by luring him that he can earn big money by just liking the videos. He received a message on WhatsApp. After opening the message, his bank account was compromised.

This is an example of how the scammers come up with new ideas to cheat the victims. Usually, they send text messages. But WhatsApp message was used this time. Though the victim is a software employee he fell into the trap and lost the money. The incident also sheds light on the importance of being alert while using WhatsApp.

As such incidents are increasing, experts are giving tips on how to be safe while using WhatsApp. Experts say that people should not reply to messages from unknown numbers. Personal messages should not be sent and money should not be spent if they ask for it.

The latest trend is that people are receiving phone calls from unknown international numbers. If answered, the mobile phones will be compromised and scammers can get any information on the phone. So the chances of losing the amount in banks are high. So we should be alert.

No personal messages like passwords and PINs of the cards should be shared. Sometimes the scammers call or message as bank employees saying that something is wrong with the accounts and OTP should be entered to clear it.

Experts say that at any cost they should not answer unknown calls and messages. If they want to reply, they should cross-check the numbers and then only answer. They also shed light on the Two-step verification on WhatsApp. It adds more security to your WhatsApp account and no one can step into the accounts that are verified.