Ahead Of Inaguration, NTR's Statue Undergoing Big Changes?

Fri May 19 2023 12:26:25 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR) is a legendary actor and celebrated politician whom fans fondly call Anna Garu. His upcoming birthday is going to be historic as it marks the 100th one. Massive celebrations and arrangements were made on the special occasion. NTR left a big legacy in the film industry and politics as well.

On the special occasion, a specially crafted 54-foot statue of NTR in the form of Lord Krishna was planned to be inaugurated. However, the statue found itself in the middle of a big political controversy due to a few objections. The issue even reached the High Court of Telangana and the court stayed the statue inauguration until further notice.

A few organizations, including Srikrishna JAC, Adibhatla Kalapeetham, and Yadav Sanghas have objections to the design of the statue as NTR's statue was in the form of Lord Krishna. They are saying that they are having some objections as the statue cannot be allowed to be inaugurated.

Now media reports say that NTR's statue is reportedly undergoing big changes as per the orders of the High Court. It is said that the High Court ordered a few changes in the statue and the organizers are busy making the changes in the statue.

As per the information, the colour of the statue is being changed to gold from blue. Nemali Pincham, Vishnu Chakram, and the flute that were earlier placed on the backside of the Crown were also removed due to objections. As the inauguration day is fast approaching, the organizers are busy making the changes.

The changes would be made before the inauguration day of the statue. As per the information, Pan-India star Jr NTR would attend the inauguration ceremony of the statue. Earlier, Telangana Tourism Minister Ajay Puvvada is said to have visited NTR's house and invited him for the big occasion.

As per the plans, NTR's massive statue would be unveiled at the Khammam Lakaram pond,which is regarded as the Tank Bund in Khammam. The height of the statue is 54 feet and it was planned on the big occasion of NTR's 100th birthday celebrations. It is said that the organizers are spending a big amount on the statue and the celebrations that would follow.